​I can’t believe it has been ten years already since I got behind the wheel of Car #29 and stood on the gas pedal and raced around the track! What a rush! 🏎🏎🏎

The moral of the story, NEVER QUIT, step into your fear and drive….so the back story on this picture. Calm, relaxed excited for my turn behind the wheel.

Fast forward to an hour later, ❤️ in my throat and in complete fear I would have to be the passenger in the car, not a driver. If I could not shift through the gears, I would have had to do a ride instead of the drive experience. Yep, no automatic transmissions on these! I had NEVER in my life driven a stick shift car until that day. Thank goodness I am a quick and visual learner and I NEVER QUIT!

Dave Talia was calm and told me it would be okay. We sat on the bleachers while I waited my turn. For 30 minutes, we practiced air shifting next to each other. He showed me how to coordinate my hand and foot.

It was time to get in line for the drive. I was walked out to my car, got in buckled up. Ugh, ❤️ in my throat again, started to feel fear set in. Hands sweaty, heart racing. I was given the green light🚦 to go! I quickly pictured and did the actions Dave and I had practiced. I easily got it through the first three gears. Then I was stuck in third gear. My copilot in my ear told me to shift to 4th. Slight panic and sheer determination…I slammed it into 4th, stood on the accelerator, and flew around the race track! 🏎🏎🏎


Several lessons and reminders that day.

1) NEVER QUIT! I never do. Sometimes you have to step back, reevaluate, and then keep moving forward.

2) You can do anything you put your mind to.

3) Love and cherish those that see you at a weak point, and gently take control to guide you through to success.

Thanks, Dave for being my rock! 😘❤️🤗

Much like with my skin issues, I have never stopped searching for natural/non-toxic solutions that would give me relief from psoriasis. I have found the solutions, have a better quality of life so that I can share and help others. Water, mud, minerals, salt, and energy are my go to’s for skin and body relief.

Never quit, there is hope. Keep trying new products. You will find some that work and give relief and the quality of life you want and deserve. Keep driving, looking, and shooting for the stars!


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