Hi, I’m Stephanie Talia owner of Stephanie’s Mindful Solutions. HOPE is my word for 2021. I HELP OPEN PEOPLES EYES to natural transformational solutions that I have personally vetted. Water, mud, minerals, salt and botanicals are my go to’s. They address inflammation of the skin and body so that I can love the skin I am in and enjoy life. I have psoriasis and I am thriving.

Until last year (2020), I rarely shared that I have psoriasis. Growing up, I knew I was different. I looked different, my skin would give it away at times. A lot of my encounters with other school mates as well as strangers reinforced that. Psoriasis is depressing, embarrassing, humiliating and exhausting having red angry skin that itches and hurts. Most times all I could think about was wanting to scratch but I couldn’t. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. Then before I knew it, I had ripped my skin open and I was bleeding. Then there was the never ending questions or comments, “what’s wrong with you?” Or “what is wrong with your skin” or being told “you have leprosy”.

HOPE – I see and hear you. I see your red angry skin due to psoriasis. I feel your discomfort, pain, sadness and depression because of psoriasis. I want to encourage you to NOT give up or quit on yourself or trying/finding solutions that work. I didn’t. I have psoriasis. It took me years of trying many products that over promised and under delivered until I found solutions that worked for me.

There are too many people suffering with skin discomfort that need help/relief. If you have read this far, don’t give up. There is HOPE. You are needed and so worthy. You are an amazing human being and have survived and thrived through so much. You will find the solutions that work for you. You will get relief and be able to enjoy your life.

My inbox is always open to anyone that wants to talk, vent, seeking natural solutions or for those who have HOPE. Don’t give up, I didn’t. I found relief and you can too.

Have a terrific Thursday! Keep moving🏃🏻‍♀️, stay hydrated💦 and love the skin you are in.

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