I have sensitive skin. That is what I was told and what I believed growing up. I learned early on, I could not use bubble bath or my skin would go to war with itself and would become angry red, itchy, completely uncomfortable.

Then in eighth grade, I woke up with my skin on fire, red, inflamed, itchy and angry mainly on the trunk of my body, arms and legs. My body was approx. 50% covered in hell fire. My Mom took me to the doctors that day to get checked out. The doctor proceeded to tell my mother that I had psoriasis. I was in the middle of a huge flare up. My Mom asked all the right questions of the doctor. She wanted to know the who, what, why and how long would it take for this to go away. The doctors response to the how long question was I have psoriasis and it is not curable. I could have flare ups for the rest of my life whenever and wherever. Mom and I left the doctors office (both in tears) and with a tube of 90+% tar based cream that was to be applied on the affected areas at night until it went away.

That night, I put the tar cream on my body everywhere I could reach. Mom rubbed it on my back where I could not reach. Oh my god the smell…it was so horrible! The cream was a thick, dirty coffee color looking cream and it reeked. I cried every night for two weeks as I applied the stinky cream to my body. It didn’t even heal my skin. It smothered the psoriasis until it went away. To this day, I cannot drive through a road construction zone where they are putting black top down without memories flooding my mind. The smell of it is an instant flash back/reminder to those evenings and that moment in time.

For two weeks, I would cry every morning in my room before I left the house for school. I would steel myself for the day and the unnecessary and unwanted comments from others. I knew I was different. My hell fire blotchy skin gave me away. I could only hide so much of my psoriasis under my clothes. Every day, I had PE (Physical Education). I was uncomfortable, embarrassed, depressed and so self-conscious. I would not change in the locker rooms. I would go to a bathroom stall to avoid answering questions like “what is wrong with you” or “what is wrong with your skin” or being told “you have leprosy.” It didn’t matter, the comments would occur regardless. When I got home from school, I would cry in my room and let it out. Then go downstairs and spend time with my Mom, brothers and dogs until my Dad got home from work. Looking back, I did not realize at the time just how much of a lifeline they were for me. I was just me, normal, accepted, loved and safe.

Over the years there have been many cycles of psoriasis flares some involved the dreaded tar cream, others required steroid cream to calm my skin. Every major life event that was over the top stressful like surviving a divorce, two cancer scares and a career change brought new and unique psoriasis flares. My body has gotten very creative over the years in how psoriasis presents itself dependent on where it decides to show itself on my body.

The last major event I had approx. 17 years ago, I decided I did not want to do tar based cream or steroid creams to address the skin discomfort. Steroid creams are not good for prolonged periods of use, they actually thin the skin. My quest for natural and non toxic solutions began and has never stopped. It all started with a Dead Sea Mud bar. A gentlemen who suffered with psoriasis for 25 years left a raving review about how it helped take his red angry skin to light pink in three days after continued use. I figured if he got that kind of relief, surely I could get some. I tried the mud bar. It worked well for me and my skin. Then I tried several more products. My skin kept improving. I continued to try and search for solutions I could use. Psoriasis is more than skin deep and for me it was not one product but several that has enabled me to love the skin I am in.

Fast forward to today. I have psoriasis and I am thriving. I give people H.O.P.E…I Help Open Peoples Eyes to natural, transformational solutions that I have personally vetted that help with inflammation of the skin and body. Water, mud, minerals, salt and botanicals are my go to’s for skin and body relief. No one should suffer skin discomfort; everyone should love the skin they are in.

My name is Stephanie Talia. I am the owner of Stephanie’s Mindful Solutions. There is HOPE, never give up searching for or trying new products. I didn’t. I found relief and others can too.

If any of this resonated, feel free to leave a comment. If you would like to explore natural solutions, get relief so that you can live your best life, feel free to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. Just click on the link and reserve your spot. https://calendly.com/stephaniesmindfulsolutions/30min

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