I am so excited to share with you that this week, I’m the featured guest on The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis. In this episode, I share with April why I think storytelling is important, and what it feels like to become a first-time author as part of the LIGHTbeamers collaborative book project.
Some of the highlights:
Skincare and wellness advocate Stephanie Talia joined the LIGHTbeamers Community to learn storytelling and use it to reach and help more people. And two years later, I’m proud to introduce Stephanie as one of the women who answered my call to step into their brave and share their stories through a collaborative book project.
Today’s episode is the first in a series of interviews with the women of the LIGHTbeamers Author Program — 15 individuals ready to share their stories to let other women know that they are not alone on their journey.
Join me and Stephanie as we talk (and laugh — a lot!) about:
⭐️ Why she never shared her story before, and why she’s doing it now
⭐️ Her reason for starting Stephanie’s Mindful Solutions and why being “mindful” is such a big part of her business
⭐️ Becoming a part of the LIGHTbeamers Author Program and what drew her in to the project
⭐️ Getting over the initial excitement of becoming an author and asking what the heck she got herself into! (We both had a good laugh about this!!)
⭐️ Stephanie’s definition of H.O.P.E. — which I totally love and I’m sure you will, too!
Stephanie aims to help people get relief for their skin conditions the natural way, and achieve better quality of life. Even more than this, by sharing her story, she also wants her audience to know they’re not alone on their journey to finally loving the skin they’re in.
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