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Water. Mud. Minerals. Salt. Energy.

Welcome to Stephanie’s Mindful Solutions

Teaching others how these elements deliver

hope and relief for those who suffer from skin discomfort.


I’m Stephanie

This picture is ME…today. I am finally comfortable in my own skin (figuratively and literally).  You may not know or see it, but I have suffered for years with skin discomfort, flare-ups, and reactions to toxic products I was using. Granted, I did not know they were toxic until I went on this journey. I have learned so much and continue to learn about hidden dangers in products as well as what to use to calm and heal the skin and body quickly.

Stephanie Talia

What I Do

MIG Living

MIG Living is the first Clean Living Movement to give proper perspective to beauty by serving the needs of the whole body & the soul in tandem because we believe you can’t have one without the other. What good is glowing skin if we aren’t thriving in every area of our health? We are restoring the art of activation with Authentic Earth ingredients and a message that brings life and TRUTH to every beautiful part of you. Experience Pure, Transformational products where every purchase fuels efforts to end child trafficking.

GIA Wellness & Hydration

Believe in Hydration, Energy, & Nourishment.

GIA puts all its energy into making wellness simple. It might sound counterintuitive, but when you focus on the foundations of wellness, everything that comes next has an even bigger impact.

Drink water to rehydrate. Eat a well-balanced diet. Move your body. Reduce stress. Making healthy choices is easier when years of research are invested in products that do the work for you.

Mindful Minerals

Mindful Minerals is not just the next trendy product line with a cool name. 

Mindful Minerals is about bringing you ecocentric, highly effective products that not only benefit you from the inside out, but do it in a responsible way–responsible for bringing you effective change and improvements to your skin, responsible for ingredients that are safe for your body and the environment and all at an affordable price so that you can act responsibly when caring for your health and your family.


Exciting News about Elevate Your Voice Book!
Exciting News about Elevate Your Voice Book!

Eeek! I just got a note from our publisher sharing the news that our book, Elevate Your Voice, has officially been approved for a Library of Congress of Control Number. Say what?!? 😮 Things are getting real over here, real quick — and I can’t wait to share this book...

Greatest Skin Compliment
Greatest Skin Compliment

Thankful Tuesday ~ Aging in reverse?  When your customer asks your age, you tell them and they are blown away. Then they share they thought you were 10 years younger than you are because of your skin! 💕 The greatest compliment ever! . It wasn’t always this way. I had...


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